1959 Advent Carol Service, photographed by John Bulmer through a rope hole in the roof at the east end

Choir Archive

The prolific nature of the Choir’s regular activities, coupled with its long and rich history, means that there is a large and diverse body of related written, audio and visual material. As part of an ongoing project, the KCCA is working with the College’s excellent Archive Centre (which holds a vast amount of Choir-related items), along with other parties and individuals, in order to help preserve the Choir’s history and make some of this material accessible to a wider audience.

It is already possible to view a large number of past service booklets, music lists and sermons online, along with many of the annual Choir photographs dating back to 1884, plus various other images and documents.

How can you help?

If you have any relevant materials (such as old photographs, letters, articles, press cuttings, etc.) that you feel would be of interest to others – or which you think could form an important part of the Choir’s historical record – then please do get in touch. If appropriate, and copyright issues permitting, we would be delighted to publish them online and or arrange for them to become part of the College’s official archives.

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